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Kimberly, you and Michelle are simply incredible. I am still stunned at the mastery, let alone the color and depth of your playing. Congratulations to you. Karen and I hope to hear you again and again. Brava!

--Adlai Boyd  MontreatNC

You are such an incredible talent and beautiful human being! I'm so looking forward to your March program. The "Great Woman Theory" is alive and well - and you're the one.

--Kathryn Hilliard  Black MountainNC

Brava, girl, brava!! So excited for all that's happening for you. May the Lord continue to bless you. XO

--Cheryl  Mills RiverNC

We look forward to hearing you play in our community again! We love you!!!

--Marcia Brown  Grove CityMN

Kimberly I love listening to you play, awesome is not enough to describe your talent. I hope to find more of your recording to add to my selection of music.

--Rose  Detroit MI

Kimberly: I heard your sister play several years ago, and seeing you two on video is electrifying!  Can't wait to hear you in person.  Please let us know when you are coming to our part of the country!

--John  BaltimoreMD

I am SO proud of you, sister!  I was a concert pianist as a teenager and was in Prof. Frances Walker's studio at Oberlin Conservatory in the early 80s. Will you be performing in NYC any time soon?

--Dr. John "Martey" Young  New York,NY

I am your number one fan!

--Kaye Cann  Avon ParkFL

Dr. Young: Many thanks for writing in my guestbook, and please do email me at, as I would love to hear more about your experience at Oberlin and to stay in touch. To answer your question, we do not have anything booked in NYC, but perhaps if the right opportunity presented itself...Rest assured, we will keep you posted.

--Kimberly Cann  AshevilleNC

Kimberly, I met you briefly a few months ago and am amazed at the gift God has given you. I regret I will miss your performance today at Pack Place along with your sister but congratulations. I know Pack Place/Asheville is better because it has been touched by the gift of two beautiful and talented women. In my travels a month or so ago, I saw something and saw you as being the recipient of it. I will send it today. Peace and Love

--Sharon West  AshevilleNC

Kimberly, How I miss hearing your beautiful music! My mother was just asking about you. She claims you were the last one to play the piano in the living room and always looks back on that visit with joy! I hope you are well, and would love to catch up sometime! Congrats on all of your success!

--Benjamin Williams  MontrealQC, Canada

"Why is this pianist not´╗┐ famous?" Stumbled upon the video of you and Michelle on YouTube, and I'm totally feelin' that comment. But I know it's never been about the fame, just the music.

--Lennoi Anderson  MandevilleJA

To all persons who are seeking correspondence from Kimberly: I would love to hear from you in a format through which I could properly respond--email, for instance!! Please drop me a note at, and that way, I will be able to respond to you directly (which this guestbook does not allow). This includes any students who try to contact me about lessons via this  Thanks!

--Kimberly  AshevilleNC

Great website, Kimberly! Congrats!

--John Cobb  FairviewNC

I have heard wonderful things about you and look forward to learning more.

--Kimberly Mason  asheville NC

Masterful performance, esp the pedals. It is an honor to have met you; did I hear that the recital will be up on the Forum website? My best, Michael

--michael lee  asheville(Select)